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Trick or Treat?


About five months ago, I created a series of one-on-one (fictitious) interviews with leading Philadelphia sports personalities for my friends at



The series had run weekly, and now runs on a more ad-hoc basis. I love conducting the interviews as they combine at least four of my passions:


• Sports in general, and Philly sports in particular

• Humor writing

• Vicarious conversations that I’m kind of in control of

• Producing high quality for little or no recognition and pay



My latest piece was a reaction to the news that former Philaelphia Flyers centerpiece Eric Lindros—the most talented and controversial player in the Flyers’ history—confirmed that he’ll be returning to Philly at the end of the year for the Winter Classic festivities.

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The World Series: Weather, Bullpen Phones, Lies, Etc.


I scribbled the following for one of the sports sites I regularly contribute to.



This should work for fans of all shapes, sizes and teams—whether or not you enjoy baseball, meteorological events, bad telephones, follicle-scratching decisions and cover-ups.



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“I suck today.”


The words bellowed out from the big man—spoken in truth, spewed out with passion, offered as a strange form of self-affirmation.



My minds-eye abducts me back to high school days, and pick-up basketball games in the gym. I can picture what I believe was the north gym of Lenape High School, where jocks, gym rats and teachers would occasionally play hoops together after school.

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Good grief!


Yeah, what’s so good about it?



Hopefully, at least some of you recognize this rather quaint expression popularized by good ol' Charlie Brown—that lovable loser from Charles Schulz’s Peanuts strip.


We all know Master Brown, who pitched for a baseball team that never won a game. They were the kiddie, amateur version of the Chicago Cubs, but much more loveable—and without any of the excessive payroll.


So, what does this have to do with the Philadelphia Phillies—“my” Phillies—who lost 1-0 to the St. Louis Cardinals last Friday night to be eliminated from the MLB playoffs?



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Playing Hardball on Yom Kippur

I guess it’s only a true dilemma if you don’t know what your decision will be.

Should be is a whole nuther matter.

Yom Kippur, the most important and solemn day on the Jewish calendar, starts at sundown this evening. The Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals play the most important game of their respective baseball seasons at 8:37 pm ET.

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Facing Up to Facebook

Until June (or so) of this year, I resisted all forms of social media.




No great surprise there. I love humanity; it’s just people I can sometimes do without. To that end, I can easily be as anti-social as the next guy—however that may be defined or redefined.


To my thinking, Twitter was for twerps and twits, Facebook was for fraudulent fuggers and LinkedIn was for Losers. Or so I thought, until I eventually became a twitterific twerp of a fraudulent fugger and loser.


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WTF: Waterfowl and WaterFUDGE!




As the author of Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, I have coined and adapted more than my fair share of words. More than 250 of them: a lot to count but easier if you own a copy, of course…


If you’re like billions of people worldwide who don’t own a copy, I will explain that my wordapods are used to parody a bit of everything—pop culture, sports, history, politics, the arts, food, religion and even wordplay, itself.  My mind is just kind of wired (anagram for weird) that way and wordapods just kind of find me.





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