Two Book Crossover 11.13


Crossover artist?  11/13 – Signing for a PTA Fundraiser – photo by Ruby Tan

After 30-plus years of penning everything from poetry to screenplays to musical comedies (to jingles and song parodies and other marketing text as a ghost writer)—and much more—Matt Goldberg of Cherry Hill, NJ sought publication in the fall of 2004, and has now published five books and counting…


His first real humor book, So So Wisdom: The Misplaced Teachings of So So Gai (Infinity Publishing) features the advice of one of his altered egos, a fictitious 19th century Chinese philosopher, womanizer, games hustler, overeater and all-around so-so guy. It is designed to be self-deprecating in nature.


In 2005, Matt published Mixed Emotions: Poetry for the Open-Minded, a collection of poems written over thirty years’ time that should inspire every conceivable emotion but boredom.


quill penHis The Tip of the Goldberg columns debuted in The Infinite Writer, an online magazine for writers, in the summer of 2007. A compendium of those columns was published (2011, iUniverse) under the title All That Twitters is Not Goldberg: Truthful Humor from a Vindicated Columnist. All That Twitters received the iUniverse Editor’s Choice Award in 2010.


Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words (2010, iUniverse) was released in late 2010 to critical acclaim.


    Noted wordsmith Richard Lederer, a best-selling author of dozens of humor books—many based on peculiarities of the English language—described Matt as “a reincarnation of Lewis Carroll and Groucho Marx. What fun to have a genius of words and a genius of comedy inhabit the same body.”


Wordapodia received iUniverse’s pre-publication Rising Star Award, and awaits a much larger audience.

For those who know Matt mostly as a sportswriter (and sports humorist), there is plenty of sports expertise, passion and humor to be found in all of his writings.  After a lifetime of both misery and elation spent as a Philadelphia sports fan, Matt is one of the co-authors of an exciting new sports book (2013) by and for Philly fans entitled, A Snowball’s Chance: Philly Fires Back Against the National Media.



As a speaker, Matt’s main goal is to inspire his audience to laugh, smile and think a little bit in the process…and ultimately, achieve more!

Matt has presented a variety of unique programs to educational, religious and service organizations, companies, bookstores and special events, and has also appeared on TV and radio.

An active member of Toastmasters International, Matt has earned the opportunity to represent his club, area, division and district in a variety of prepared and extemporaneous speech competitions, winning over 25 contests (for humor, inspiration (International), table topics and evaluation). He also has written training material and enjoys serving as a mentor to other members.




Professionally, along with writing and editing, Matt has worked as an educator, director of literacy, intergenerational and senior programs, and as a sales consultant and trainer in the mortgage and insurance industries.

He is active as a religious school teacher and volunteer at Congregation Mkor Shalom, and has served two years as President of the Voorhees Toastmasters Club.


Matt lives with his wife, Ruby, and five-year-old son, Benny, in Cherry Hill, NJ. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Lenape High School, he counts (playing, following and writing about) sports, comedy, reading and movies as his favorite pastimes, although none of these come close to the joy of reading and goofing around with Benny.


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