Below are some of the endorsements I’ve been gratified to receive—from fellow authors, public speakers, sportswriters and members of local organizations.




from fellow authors:



"Matt Goldberg is a guy-ser of words that don't exist but should to describe the hitherto indescribable. In Wordapodia, Goldberg reveals himself as a reincarnation of Lewis Carroll and Groucho Marx. What fun to have a genius of words and a genius of comedy inhabit the same body."

Richard Lederer, best-selling author of the Anguished English series



"Matt Goldberg is one of the funniest writers you'll ever encounter. If you read only one book this year…stop watching so much television! Also, make it this one. Or any of Matt's books. And definitely not Eat, Pray, Love.

Howard Megdal, author of The Baseball Talmud: The Definitive Position-by-Position Ranking of Baseball's Chosen Players



"Matt Goldberg's column, The Tip of the Goldberg, has greatly added to the appeal of The Infinite Writer, an online magazine geared to writers, for the past three years. His natural wry humor and irreverent spirit lend diversity to the e-zine's overall success."

Dahris H. Clair, Founder/Sr. Editor of The Infinite Writer, Author of The House on Slocum Road





May 14, 2011 — Toastmasters International District 38 Winners, Matt Goldberg and Sherri Waryasz

 photo courtesy of Sherri Waryasz.



"As a fellow member of Toastmasters International, I have had the privilege of calling Matt Goldberg my friend and colleague for the last three-plus years. His abundant written and oral talents have come to the forefront, and his demeanor suits many purposes. Whether you need an after dinner presenter, a motivational speaker, or just someone to lend authenticity to an event, he is your man."

Phil Costello, Speaker/Sales Trainer



"…Matt has always found a way to make his audiences convulse in spasms, experience abdominal pain, and double over wheezing—with laughter. Whether he's plying his craft onstage or in print, Matt's messages will make you seriously reflect—after you've guffawed yourself to tears."

Akweli Parker, Writer/ Founder, Digital Delta Media LLC



"…I've had the pleasure of hearing him speak at several venues and I'm always impressed with how he can entertain and touch the audience with humor, yet convey a powerful message with his storytelling. He has a brilliant way with words that seem to flow from his tongue with ease…I think it is part of his success in captivating an audience. I would call on Matt as a Keynote Speaker for any event that I am putting together."

Akita Brooks, CEO and Founder, Highly Spirited Hospitality



"Matt Goldberg is a versatile, dynamic speaker who uses his irreverent sense of humor to connect and inspire.  His audiences are enchanted by his warmth, enthusiasm and unique spin on all things great and small."

Jo Stante, Lt. Governor of Marketing, District 38, Toastmasters International



"Matt Goldberg came in on short notice to emcee the dinner portion of the annual Alzheimer’s Association Golf Classic. Despite the short time frame, he went out of his way to educate himself on the Association’s mission and tournament attended, and to meet chapter staff. When the evening started, he was firing on all cylinders…"

"This humorist lived up to his billing, and added much to the event. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him again for other charitable events."

Gary Frisch, President of Swordfish Communications




"Matt spoke to our organization and had us immediately smiling and laughing. He was well- prepared, thoughtful and quite humorous. His books are terrific as well; I’ve purchased them for myself, and for gifts."

S.P., Medford, NJ 





"Matt Goldberg showcases wit and passion, and combines ample baseball knowledge and a refined, creative writing style that elevates all of his writing to must-read status."



"After reading a small selection of his work, I happily recommended him as a Featured Columnist covering the Philadelphia Phillies, and I have continued to enjoy his work on the Phillies, Major League Baseball and all things sports ever since."



"Matt brings a unique blend of knowledge and humor to the plate, and writes in a way that respects the same qualities in his readers. His voice is an asset to any baseball discussion, and his writing would be an asset to any sports publication."



Asher Brooks Chancey , Philadelphia Phillies Page Editor, Bleacher Report / Managing Editor,



"As a copy editor for Bleacher Report, I read hundreds of articles a day that come through. In a system with over 20,000 writers, roughly 700 being featured columnists, the bulk of the pieces that come through aim for some combination of opinion, fact and analysis of sports news."



"Upon encountering Matt Goldberg's article for the first time, I was struck by its unique narrative that was woven throughout his piece. His piece stood out immediately, achieving what many writers sought to do: combine humor, wit and originality to sports opinion."



"Matt has the rare ability to tie sports to everyday life, which makes readers invest in what he has to say throughout the course of a season. His writing style is highly intelligent but relatable. Amongst the Phillies’ fan base, his articles are known for their strong community-driven voice, which is ever present in his opinions. His signature style includes, but is not limited to, tongue-in-cheek witticisms, parodies, puns and satire."



"He is particularly keen at balancing humor with analysis, as well as fan faithfulness with objectivity. The best paradox to sum up his sports writing is this: Matt Goldberg makes it fun to take sports seriously."



Roslyn Lo, National Copy Editor, Bleacher Report



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