ANO-T-REXIA – Wednesday’s Wordapod

No, there is nothing funny about anorexia. But, ano-T-rexia? You decide.

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Ano-T-rexia (n) – an eating disorder which plagued many bipedal (and tripedal) dinosaurs of the Upper Cretaceous Period.


Sample Sentence:  After paleontologists discovered a specimen that was 40 feet tall but weighed only four tons, they figured that it must have suffered from ano-T-rexia.


Who Knew…?



I had the chance to speak a little bit about this disorder with psycho-paleontologist Dr. Phyllis Darwin-Leidy. We did so over a very light lunch.


Matt: Dr. Phyllis, how widespread was the problem of ano-T-rexia?


Dr. Phyllis: Very.


Matt: Thank you. Did it affect females and males equally?


Dr. Phyllis: Judging from diary entries and the like, it seemed to mostly afflict the male T-Rex who …


Matt: Wait a second. Who was making these diary entries?


Dr. Phyllis: In this case, the males.


Matt: So, what did we learn from them?


Dr. Phyllis: They were quite sensitive. Also, while many of their peers were devouring 1500 pounds of food a day, some of them subsisted on only 400 or so pounds of meat.


Matt: Did they supplement with vegetables?

Dr. Phyllis: Next question.

Matt: Did they blame it on their short arms?

Dr. Phyllis: Next, next question.

Matt: Can you pass the chicken, please?

Dr. Phyllis: Get your own.



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