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Anthropomurphic (adj) – ascribing Irish human form and characteristics to something that is not human, let alone Irish


So…Who Knew?!


The greatest example of an artist who specializes in anthopomurphism is an oil painter from Danbury, Connecticut named Seamus O’Leary. In fact, O’Leary has a devoted cult following that snatches up his moderately priced paintings of groups of dogs and cats engaged in various iconic, and heartwarming, Irish scenes. I took the opportunity to interview him.


Matt:  Seamus, why would someone with such an Italian name be drawn toward Irish culture?


Seamus:  Believe it or not, Matt, O’Leary is 100% Irish, and Seamus is about 99%. What are you smo—


Matt:  I knew that. Just kidding. So, are there many anthropomurphic painters out there?


Seamus:  There are about 10 of us that I know of. The second best may be a good friend of mine named Guido Baldelli.


Matt:  I’ll leave that one alone. I was looking at the painting that you titled, Rover McShea Wolfing Down a Hearty Bowl of Mulligan Stew. Great use of color and emotion. Do you have any other works showing cats and dogs eating Irish food?


Seamus:  There are dozens of them, with the most popular being Sneaking Some Cabbage Into Church. My priest had a problem with that one at first, but it’s now hanging proudly in his office. He also promised to buy my Bruno and Toonsie Fighting Over a Guiness, as well as The Celtic Cats Play A Rousing Number. The Guiness one took me years to capture, and I was spiritually exhausted for months after completing it.


Matt:  I didn’t realize that your work was so exhausting. So, what is that painting I see now on your easel? I’m no art critic, but it looks like you have a cat and dog spinning around, kicking their feet up, awhirl in a splash of vibrant colors.


Seamus:  It’s tentatively titled Fido And Tabby Dancing A Hard Jig. I’m awfully proud of that one, and it’s just a few brushstrokes from completion.


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