AQUITIC – Wednesday’s Wordapod

This Wednesday’s Wordapod is for swimmers, non-swimmers and retired swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Aquitic is one of over 250 creative Wordapods to be found in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words. 





Aquitic (n) – originally, someone who quits taking swimming lessons, it also may now apply to a swim team member who quits during the season

b) (adj) – of, or relating to, a lack of enthusiasm for swimming


So,Who Knew…?


Statistics will show that aquitic behavior is on the rise in U.S. high schools, judging by the number of kids who quit the swim team each year. At the same time, a greater percentage of the country’s youth now swims than ever before. This leads me to believe that the desire to be an aquitic increases as one gets older.


Sample Sentence

Coach Slippermaker, still reeling from the news that his top three swimmers left the team one month earlier, knew that his team would have won the title if it weren’t for all of his aquitics.


Please Note:  Swimmers who are suspended from a team are not considered to be aquitics. They may be poor students, cheaters or partiers, but at least they can hold their heads high:  they’re not aquitics.


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