ARACHNONISM – Wednesday’s Wordapod




Wednesday’s freshly coined Wordapod, found in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, may even appeal to arachnophobes.




Arachnonism (n) – the act of referring to a spider in such a way that it is not placed in its correct historical context


Sample Scenario


I overheard Peter speaking to a friend about the original Spiderman movie as if it hadn’t been released yet. Butting into the conversation, I accused him of using an arachnonism.


So…Who Knew?


In a preliminary review of this book by a marketing group, arachnonism had three interesting distinctions:


  • 85%  found it to be one of the three hardest words to use in a sentence
  • 54% found it to be the most difficult word to pronounce
  • 5% couldn’t even find the entry


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