ARBIHAIRY – The Wednesday Wordapod

So, what would YOU call a completely arbitrary, erratic hair pattern?

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Arbihairy (adj) – characterized by an uncontrolled, unreasonable, or erratic amount of hair

Please Note: This may refer to any type of hair—whether facial hair, scalp hair, body hair, etc.

Sample Scenario

When I saw my reflection in my car window, I looked so arbihairy. There was, seemingly, just a tuft or two of hair on top of my head, and then what looked like a mullet shooting down the back of my neck.


Who Knew…?

Rafael Cortino, proprietor of Corty Coiffs Men’s Hair Salon of Parsnippany, NJ, related this about his business. “We give any type of cut the customer asks for. It can be anything from a traditional business cut, a back-to-school special, a crew, a buzz, a cue-ball, an 8-ball, or something even more arbihairy. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as they pay for it. I don’t have to wear the thing.”


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