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Today’s Wordapod, taken from Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, is also an homage to our enduring national pastime. And you don’t have to be from Iowa or a(n)…ahem…stalker to appreciate it.




Around the Corn


Around the Corn (n) – in baseball, the traditional throw around the infield after an out is recorded— in games played in Iowa


This kernel of baseball jargon originated from a minor league contest played on a beautiful corn-laden infield in Dubuque. As legend has it, after a runner was thrown out at first on a routine grounder, shortstop Nibby Nickerson yelled at first baseman Vern “Silky” Summers to “throw it around.”  “Around where?” yelled the first sacker. “Around the corn, you idiot,” replied the impatient Nickerson, who unwittingly just started a cherished Iowa baseball tradition.


This custom soon spread around the Midwest, and then around baseball fields across the country. As most of the fields were corn-challenged, the expression soon changed to the more universal “around the horn.”


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