Ass-Steroids – Wednesday’s Wordapod

Needle for ass-steroid


Today’s Wordapod, taken from Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, is in honor of…sort of…the imminent start of the baseball season.




Ass-steroid (n) a performance enhancing substance administered via a syringe in the buttocks


(What were you expecting, anyway?)


Sample Sentence


It became quite apparent to his students that the muscle-bound, temperamental Professor Irejuice was more interested in ass-steroids than asteroids.




I am a huge baseball fan, as are many of my friends. We have had quite a few discussions about the problem with steroids in Major League Baseball, and how it’s affecting perception of the integrity of the game. When I mentioned the word “ass-steroids,” my friend, Eric, put it best. “It doesn’t matter where they take the syringe; it’s us fans who get it in the end.”



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