Bagels, Jocks and Innuendo


I can’t believe that it’s been so long since I’ve Gold-blogged (I still haven’t decided that I like that name) but…I have been busy.


In the last few months or so, I wrapped my first pure sports book, which was also the first collaborative effort among my five published books. I’ve continued to write three or four columns per week for  Well, at least I did through January, with occasional columns on Bleacher Report, and other sites. I’ve recently started at least the shell of another book, maybe two, but enough about me. On second thought…


…just a little more. My weekly column about the Jewish sports world, which I’ve titled Bagels and Jocks, will continue in some fashion. For now, it will start right here, although please look for my own Bagels and Jocks site along with another wacky, fun Wordapods site, and other fun stuff. When? Soon. They’re in development.


Per Bagels and Jocks, I won’t be limited, or tied down, to Mondays, and I’ll actually be able to immediately edit what I post, if need be. What, me make mistakes? Yep. Every now and then.


If I were writing my column, I would have to say something about the scandal that is again surrounding Ryan Braun—perhaps, the most prominent Jewish athlete in America, and arguably one of the three best all-around players in the game.


Much as I’d rather write about sports and lighter features, I had to say something about this, and I did.


For my take, which I hope is thought-provoking, compelling and fair (imagine that), please follow the link to my column today on Bleacher Report.


You may leave thoughtful comments right here or on that piece…but please, no spam.  Keep it kosher, and uncanned.


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