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Wednesday’s Wordapod, not found in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, (Volume Two?) just might validate that popular expression of people fighting their way out of paper bags—wet, or otherwise.




Bagravation (n) – a feeling of exasperation caused in some way by a (usually) flexible container. (You see, even the definition for bagravation is, well, distressing.)


Sample Sentence

While waiting in line at the supermarket, the shopper in line caused bagravation to all while not deciding on whether to put his %$?!-in’ groceries in paper or plastic.



To get a better handle on this Wordapod, I consulted highly dubious (and likely fictional) semantician (a Wordapod in itself) Edwin Eggnut.


Matt:        So, Edwin, thanks for taking a little time with me to explain bagravation.


Eggnut:     You should thank me. I’m a very busy man. 


Matt:        Yep, you must be in amazingly high demand, Eddie. There are a lot of definitions for bag. How many are there?


Eggnut:     Oh, there are quite a few.


Matt:        Thank you for that. So, would you like to do a Top 10 List for us on types of bagravation?


Eggnut:     Too busy, man.


Matt:        I almost understand. So, how about just giving us a few examples?


Eggnut:     Did you cover the bagravation of trying to decide whether to bag your groceries in paper or plastic?


Matt:        I did.


Eggnut:     Okay, there’s the crazy money women spend on handbags. How about paper bags that crumble or get destroyed in the rain. How about tea bags that break and dump all that loose stuff…


Matt:        Tea bags?! You went with tea bags?!


Eggnut:     Um, not that type. I was thinking Lipton’s.


Matt:        My mistake. You got more?


Eggnut:     I lost my train of thought. Let’s see. There’s the bagravation of getting your suitcase in the overhead compartment. In baseball, a bag could refer to a base, or even the rosin bag. Not to mention, in all walks of life, aggravation caused by, well, douchebags.


Matt:        That’s about seven right there, Eddie. Care to make a Top 10 List for us?


Eggnut:     Gotta run, man. Busy. Very busy.



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