BENEFRICTION – Wednesday’s Wordapod

This Wednesday’s Wordapod is for anyone who has ever sat through a sermon. Benefriction is one of over 250 creative Wordapods to be found in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words. 




Benefriction (n)the closing address of a religious service that manages to piss off the assembled body



You Know What…?


Reverend Michael Golightly, editor of This Weak Sermon, authored a fine, recent piece about benefrictions in his February, 2009 issue. Golightly asserts:  “The benefriction, while a controversial type of address, (whether issued in churches, synagogues or mosques) does have its adherents. Even though it makes people angry, it comes after the plate has already been passed, and the donations are already in. Even more to the good, most of those who storm off manage to return the following week, and even bring a new friend or family member with them just to see what may be spewed forth from the pulpit.”


Sample Sentence


Father Metrano always conducted a beautiful service, but he could also be counted on to recite a benefriction that had his parishioners almost coming to blows in the pews.



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