Blogging with Ms. Bailey

I'm learning to like the whole international interview scene; I just need more practice at it.


In just a paragraph or three, I’ll be linking all who want to come along for the ride to a Q&A I conducted with British author/blogger Morgen Bailey. As I recall, I linked to her post on LinkedIn (good place for linking) and within minutes, she replied to my email, checked out this very website and sent me some well-crafted interview questions.


Rather than relegate the questions to my overburdened back burner, I gave the questions my best shot (in as quick and conversational a fashion as possible) and here it is.


So, thank you, Morgen; you are a terrific writer and provide a wonderful service to fellow authors and readers, wherever they reside.  I must say that this was jolly, bloody good work, even if the h-u-m-o-u-r was decidedly English, and mine isn’t. I don’t think.


If anybody wishes to comment, it would be loverly (not sure what culture or era I was affecting there) for you to do so on Morgen’s blog, and on mine. Feel free to tell a friend or two, virtual or otherwise.


Here is today’s interview from Morgen Bailey’s blog.


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2 Responses to Blogging with Ms. Bailey

  • admin says:

    What a light hearted, fun interview between two people that really enjoy the art of writing in a free spirited way!  They were an ocean apart writng on the digital highway and you still get a sense they were sitting across the room from each other.

    • MJG says:

      Shhh…don't tell anyone. But yes, thanks Karen, Morgen was a pleasure to work with on this.