Bloods v. Crips and…Baseball Stats?

The following may be a little too much “inside baseball” for some, and perhaps not enough balls-to-the-wall geeked-up hardball for others. Yet, I think it offers a lot for both camps and even, I daresay, for the less-than-avid baseball fan.



So, whether or not you need to expand your reading strike zone, I hope that you will find something of more than passing interest as I dissect a portion of the national pastime. Well, I’d like to think that baseball still is that, even if ranks behind football, drinking and extreme online belching for many. Hey, don’t knock football if you haven't tried it.


This is published here via implicit permission from Bleacher Report, who published it from the Tip of the Goldberg in the first place. Feel free to add comments on BR, here, or on my Facebook link.





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