Blubbergasted – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod relates to many of our favorite New Year’s resolutions – “I will lose ___ pounds this year.” Really?!



Blubbergasted (v) dumbstruck, as if hit by a lightning bolt, when one discovers how much he/she weighs


Who Knew…?

Although countries such as the U.S. have a greater percentage of overweight individuals, Australia was found to have the highest percentage of blubbergasted people. Reliable sources tell me that most of those blubbergasted Aussies have been known to talk back to their scales, saying things like, “Bollocks. Got to ease off the lollies and grog, matey.”

Sample Scenario: I had been dieting every day for about two weeks, but had steadfastly refused to step on the bathroom scale during that time. Convinced that my jeans now felt a little looser, I happily climbed onto my scale. Well, you guessed it; I was blubbergasted to discover that I had gained six pounds.


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