CANBANKEROUS – Wednesday’s Wordapod

I hope this weather doesn’t find you in a canbankerous mood. It shouldn’t…



If you like “Canbankerous”, you will also love the 250-plus creative Wordapods found in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words. 




Canbankerous (adj) – of, or relating to, an ornery employee of a financial institution


Sample Sentence:  With my favorite teller on vacation, I knew that I would be waited on by the ever canbankerous Rusty.




I surveyed all of the co-authors of this book to get their response to the following question:  “What makes for a friendly (non-canbankerous) bank employee?” Top factors cited were:


  1. Nice smile and gracious attitude
  2. Remembering my name, or something about me
  3. Ability to make the occasional bank-error-in-my-favor
  4. Gives me free lollipops
  5. Prompt service




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