CANKERSAURUS – Wednesday’s Wordapod

Wednesday’s Wordapod, found in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, is the biggie…the dinosaur…of all Wordapods. May I get a roar of approval?




Cankersaurus (n) – an extinct herbivorous reptile of the Jurassic Period that suffered from extremely painful ulcers around the mouth


So, Who Knew…?


Research into this strange creature is relatively new, as scientists have been wary of publishing findings on Cankersaurus. Wary of perpetrating a hoax on the order of “Piltdown Man,” they have proceeded with some caution.


Paleontologists have, however, hypothesized the following about Cankersaurus:


  • He/she lived mostly in what is now Columbus, OH, but enjoyed a weekend excursion to Kentucky every now and then.
  • He/she was a contemporary of Brontosaurus, though they rarely socialized or had dinner together.
  • A fully grown Cankersaurus weighed about 23 metric tons, but was surprisingly light on its feet.
  • Cankersaurus was almost 68 feet long (slightly shorter than Brontosaurus), but was known for being even fiercer, and with a temper caused by bad meals and even worse breath.
  • This strange dinosaur had five legs, making it the only known quintopod of the Jurassic Period.
  • Why did it become extinct even before the other dinosaurs? Scientists have posited the theory that its prominent, sometimes hideous, canker sores discouraged second dates—let alone activities that might have led to procreation.


Sample Sentence


My lack of sleep, and penchant for eating tons of oranges, had me feeling like a miniature Cankersaurus.



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