CART BLANCHE – The Wednesday Wordapod

So, what would YOU call the carefree, nihilistic attitude that many shoppers have when wielding their carts like a deranged Andretti sister through the aisles of their favorite supermarket? Learn this new “word” and more in this week’s (The) Wednesday Wordapod.


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Cart Blanche

Cart Blanche (n) – an entitled attitude of complete freedom to drive a shopping cart however (the hell) you want while trolling for groceries and anyone who gets in your way.

Alternate Spelling is cart blanch, as many other shoppers blanch in terror and fear as shopping carts are



For those who know me, I truly don't have a misogynistic or sexist bone in my body. That said in truth, a note to the women shoppers of Wegmans (Cherry Hill). What was going on yesterday?! At least seven of you appeared to try to ram your carts into my cart-less body…and I was only there for about 12 minutes. It would have been safer to try to walk across the track during the Daytona 500. Was this cluelessness, recklessness or pent-up hostility?

I was going to forget about posting this, as when I was leaving the store, a driver graciously came to a stop and let me cross to the parking lot. Alas, it was a male driver…so no such luck!

One More Thing


Noted shopologist Blanche Cartman has theorized that the more upscale the supermarket, the more reckless and maniacal the cart-wielding idiot. I have seen and felt nothing to disprove this theory.

For a little more about the shopping hell of suburbia, here is a great little piece by Vicki Glembocki, that ran on a couple months ago.  A tip of the hat to Lauren S for bringing it to my attention.



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