Crap I Think of While Mowing the Lawn – #19

(other than This Lawn Looks Like Crap)


Interesting, if not always deep, thoughts often pop into my head while I’m doing battle with my lawn. And yes, I do battle with a non-gas, non-electric, old-fashioned push mower. An actual reel mower. And my mind tends to think of some semi-interesting crap while I push along.


Mower and Statesman

Welcome to Volume 19 of Crap I Think of While Mowing the Lawn.



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DENTALLY CHALLENGED – Wednesday’s Wordapod

A miserable morning spent in the dentist’s chair inspired this brand new Wordapod, and rant.



You won’t find “dentally challenged” in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, but you will find over 250 other creative, fun Wordapods.


Dentally Challenged

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