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WHOREBINGER – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod may be regarded as seasonal, or at least timely. This one is also new, and not one of the 250-plus wordapods featured in Wordapodia, Volume One.


Whorebinger (n)one who is given to indulging frequently in paid romantic encounters Continue reading


COWTERIZE – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod was suggested by my brother Josh, with an assist from my niece Rachelle. This one is hot off the press, and not one of the 250-plus wordapods featured in Wordapodia, Volume One.



Cowterize (v)to burn the skin or flesh of a domestic bovine animal in order to stop a serious infection

Please Note:  One can cowterize domestic bovines verbally, but it wouldn’t be advised — for either medical or ethical reasons.

Sample Sentence:  When Elsie was suffering from a bad wound in her rear flank, Farmer Schmegeggie cowterized it with an electrically charged wire.

Also, Please Note:  The practice of electrocautery is frowned upon by some bovine lovers. Frankly, I am more concerned about those who smile upon this practice.




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OBLOXIOUS – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod – OBLOXIOUS – is all about overeating…and Aunt Sadie’s brunches. Can you relate?



Obloxious (adj) pertaining to a very offensive, ostentatious spread of smoked salmon

Sample Sentence:  Much as I used to love Aunt Sadie’s Sunday brunches, I came to feel guilty eating such obloxious amounts when I knew that people were starving just a few miles away.

You Know What…?

Judith Tasselberg, author of Obloxious Brunches and Other Family Lore (2008:  Schmaltz Press), had this to say on the subject:

“I recall every other Sunday in Yonkers at Aunt Gertie’s with my parents, two older brothers and all of my cousins. There would usually be 19 of us at Gertie and Sol’s immense mahogany table, 20 if you counted Sniffles, the Maltese. We looked forward to playing all kinds of kiddy games, and embarrassing each other in our own dastardly little ways.

So, what about the food, you ask?  There were enough bagels, and enough mountains of lox and hills of cream cheese, to feed 200 lumberjacks. Obloxious indeed!”

 Wordapodia, Vol. 1


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PHENONYMOUS – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod is phenomenal. And anonymous. Well, not really. But if it were, it would be PHENONYMOUS.


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LIEBATION – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod relates to a strange kind of trickery. Bottom’s up, or is it?


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Blubbergasted – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod relates to many of our favorite New Year’s resolutions – “I will lose ___ pounds this year.” Really?!



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Barry White-fish Salad

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod is all about eclectic celebrations. Happy New Year’s, everybody!

Barry White-Fish Salad

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MENORAHTY – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod asks:  So, what would YOU call the small percentage of the US (let alone the world) population that Jews comprise?

Happy Chanukah to all!


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VELCRO MAGNON – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod asks:  So, what would YOU call our ancestors who always stuck together?



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Pastriotic – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (Wednesday) Wordapod, is an oldie-but-goodie, and just in time to get your feed bag on for Thanksgiving.



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CHICKEN PARMAGEDDON – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (Wednesday) Wordapod, Chicken Parmageddon, may appeal to foodies and religious fanatics alike.



Chicken Parmageddon (n)a popular Italian dish that symbolizes the final struggle between good and evil

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CANNIBAL LECTERN – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (Wednesday) Wordapod is a bit esoteric (and weird), but that’s the beauty of it…right?



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GULAGARITHM – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (Wednesday) Wordapod provides a new term for the brilliant scientific theorems written by prisoners. Yes, just what we need.



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WARNING TRUCK – The Wednesday Wordapod

With the 2014 Major League Baseball season nearing its climax, the Wednesday Wordapod is …



Warning Truck (n)in certain baseball stadiums, a truck that is placed in the outfield a few feet in front of the home run fence

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Ahead to the Past – Crap I Think Of While Mowing the Lawn…#23

(other than This Lawn Looks Like Crap)


Interesting, if not always deep, thoughts often pop into my head while I’m doing battle with my lawn. And yes, I do battle with a non-gas, non-electric, old-fashioned push mower. An actual reel mower. And my mind tends to think of some semi-interesting crap while I push along.

Welcome to Volume 23 of Crap I Think of While Mowing the Lawn.



I’ve always wondered why the movie, “Back to the Future” wasn’t titled “Ahead to the Past.”  Okay, the real title may be catchier, although if there were a successful movie or three with my proposed title, who knows if that would be the case.

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