New Years

RESOLUTIONS – The 2014 Edition

As I write, 2014 is still that proverbial blank page to be filled in, and my last chance to attack 2013 as a writer is also very open.


This morning, around 4 am – a time when I usually either first get up or go to sleep – I started thinking about my resolutions, and how irresolute I’ve been all year, and for many years now.

Two Book Crossover 11.13


During an insomniac’s trip to the bathroom, I flipped open a page from my book, “All That Twitters is not Goldberg: Truthful Humor from a Vindicated Columnist” and found my list of resolutions for 2008. To my chagrin, if not surprise, I found that many of those same resolutions are still unfulfilled today. Consistency in this respect is not such a good thing.

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