Top 10 Lists

Top 15 Players in NBA History

I’m not sure exactly what prompted me to draw up another list, and why I started doing it so early in the morning. Perhaps, it’s just one of the fascinating ways in which I’ve wired.


Anyway, shortly after viewing Game 1 of the NBA Finals and getting my requisite two hours of sleep, I started putting the following together. It makes sense—the list, I mean—if not what prompted me to do this instead of any number of other projects, including sleep.


Here is the piece, courtesy of Bleacher Report—an online pub I occasionally favor with my eclectic sports columns. Comments are welcome, both on BR and here.


Or, see it right here.


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The Beatles’ Top 50? A Hard Day’s List

It was a lazy few days—although I wasn’t completely listless. Literally.


List-making is one of my favorite activities. Top 10 lists. “Fields of 64”, a la the NCAA brackets. And yes, I know there are now 68 or 69 teams, but my fields don’t do preliminary games. The topics? Sports. Food. Music. TV. Movies. Beverages. Women. Countries. Sports movies. Politicians. Authors and books. You name it. Many of us enjoy making comparisons, or rating or ranking things. Until a few months ago, I may have even had the only continuously published (weekly) Top 10 list on topics that relate somehow to Jewish culture. As in Jewish sports and food and music and movies and…

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Top 10…or 8…Reasons to Dislike the “Like” Button

Like B

How in God’s good name did we all arrive at a place and time where we are forced to make public decisions on what we like or dislike. I like to like, and sometimes even love to love—and hey, when the mood striketh, I even liketh to hate things. But enough is enough…

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Purim: Drinks, Eats, Writings and a New Top 10

Happy Purim, everyone.




For those not very familiar with this holiday—especially my non-Jewish friends and readers—don’t feel too bad. It’s not quite as well known as Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah or Passover, nor should it be, I guess.

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Who am I to compile a list of the 12 crappiest popular Christmas songs I’ve ever heard?



Well, my last name’s Goldberg, I’m Jewish, and I celebrate Chanukah. Do we even have 12 Chanukah songs?



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