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Chairismatic  (adj)of, or relating to, the quality of being quite at home in a recliner



How and why is it that both of the following trends seem to be on the upswing?

  • More and more people are exercising than ever before in countless different ways.
  • There are more overweight and more obese Americans than ever before.


One of the reasons may be our careless, unhealthful diets. Another reason may be our love for reclining chairs and sofas—the venue where lots of those empty calories are consumed.

To be clear, a chairismatic person does not need to be overweight, though it doesn’t hurt any. The “chairisma” comes more from the way in which that person carries (or does not choose to carry) himself.


Sample Sentence:  Before sitting down on the new sofa, I waited for my chairismatic hostess, Katrina, to lead the way.


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