CHALLAHLUJAH – Wednesday’s Wordapod

This Wednesday’s Wordapod is especially for those about to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with some delicious braided bread. Challahlujah is one of over 250 creative Wordapods to be found in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words. 





Challahlujah (int; n) – an exclamation of joy and praise in reaction to eating a delicious piece of braided bread


You Know What…?


Many people may know challah as that yellowish bread that makes for great French toast, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. In fact, quite a few people informally surveyed mentioned to me that leftover challah (often mispronounced, but in pronouncing the “ch,” you should strain your throat and expel some saliva) makes for their favorite type of French toast.


Challah is the traditionally braided (egg) bread eaten by Jews on Friday night and Saturday mornings, as well as on the eve, and on the day, of other holidays. Be it round or long, seeded or plain, a well-baked challah is a thing of beauty, and often has me screaming, “Challahlujah, praise the Lord…and, don’t forget the lovely person who baked it.”


Sample Scenario


Rabbi Irv Meyersberg was hosting a very nice Friday night (Shabbat) dinner, when his wife, Rivka, brought out two of the most beautiful sesame-seed challahs they had ever seen. After blessing it, their hot daughter, Chana, took one bite and exclaimed, “Challahlujah” in an almost orgasmic fashion. Needless to say, Rabbi Meyersberg shot her an icy look of great disapproval.


(Also, and needless to say, she was sent to bed without any hamantashen.)


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