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Tonight, we celebrate what many (too many?) are calling Thanksgivukkah, the convergence of Chanukah and Thanksgiving. It is a really cool thing that the two holidays coincide. Apparently this is the only time that the holidays (Chanukah starts in the evening with, if you will, Thanksgiving’s Eve) will do this for billions and billions of years. And yes, the mathematical proof eludes me.



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Chan-giving (n)a preferred name for the combined holidays of Chanukah and Thanksgiving.


Please Note: The “ch” in Chanukah should be pronounced like the one in “challah” – with that scratchy-throat thing we do, like speaking right after we ate too much challah, without drinking anything.



Sample Sentence


To prepare for Chan-giving, Moishe smeared cranberry sauce all over his brother Jeremy’s latkes – and even got some on his favorite dreidel.




In my little corner of the globe, Thanksgivukkah (the holidays, the concept, and the word) is all the rage, and it is cool that these two beloved holidays coincide. Being the word contrarian of sorts, I wanted to retain the concept of T…givukkah, but also turn the word around, if you will.


One reason for this is that I’m not a fan of the double-k formation in Chanu…I mean, Hanukkah. So, that had to go. I also insist on doing the throat clear, and the only way to do that (without searching for other symbols on my keyboard) is with the “Ch.” And yes, because Chanukah actually precedes Thanksgiving this year by several hours, I wanted Chanukah to come first.


But, what to do about “Chan” and why should should “Chan” or “Chanu” (I thought about Chanu-giving) be giving? I guess this will remain a modern Jewish/Chinese secret.




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