CHICKEN PARMAGEDDON – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (Wednesday) Wordapod, Chicken Parmageddon, may appeal to foodies and religious fanatics alike.



Chicken Parmageddon (n)a popular Italian dish that symbolizes the final struggle between good and evil

Sample Sentence:  Not in the mood for light-hearted fare, Simon resolutely and grimly ordered the chicken parmageddon.


Who Knew…?

Gianluco Arugulatta, a fifth-generation Italian-American cook, and proprietor of the wildly popular South Philadelphia restaurant, One Hour Risotto, told me that chicken parmageddon is now his regular customers’ favorite dish. Says Arugulatta, “I don’t mess around with the insulata, antipasto and gnocchi anymore; I stick with the basics. Most of my people love the chicken parmageddon, and that dialectical battle between good and evil: the noble chicken versus the evil cheeses — in every bite.”

When I asked Gianluco what made the parmesan and mozzarella cheeses so dastardly, he said nothing. He simply pointed to my ample midsection.  Ouch!


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