DEMOGRAPHITI – The Wednesday Wordapod

So, what would YOU call graffiti that is geared toward a specific demographic group?

Wordapodia, Vol. 1

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Demographiti (n) – Graffiti tailored to a specific audience—i.e. age, ethnic group, income level or ethnicity


Sample Scenario

Timmy never really enjoyed going with his Mom and Dad to visit Gramps at his retirement community, but one day his Mom was shocked to see him eager to make the monthly trip to Spruce Village. His delighted Mom asked him if he enjoyed the checker games with Gramps, to which Timmy replied, “Nah. There’s some really cool demographiti on the side of his building I like to look at.”


Who Knew…?

Types of spray-painted demographiti favored most by senior citizens include: 

  • names of their grandkids
  • their middle names
  • their phone numbers
  • “Kilroy was here”
  • social security numbers
  • names of early-bird friendly restaurants



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