DENTALLY CHALLENGED – Wednesday’s Wordapod

A miserable morning spent in the dentist’s chair inspired this brand new Wordapod, and rant.



You won’t find “dentally challenged” in Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, but you will find over 250 other creative, fun Wordapods.


Dentally Challenged


Dentally Challenged (adj) ­–  having an aversion to dental appointments, or perhaps, a mental, or emotional deficiency that makes it very hard to:

  • tolerate dentists
  • understand what’s going on inside one’s mouth
  • understand why most dental assistants, and dentists for that matter,  have the chair-side manner of pest exterminators
  • see dental floss as anything other than dangerous jump rope(s) for the teeth


Sample Sentence:  Being dentally challenged, your favorite Wordapod creator avoided dentists for more than five years, and then found out he needed to have four cavities filled, plus a root canal.



Can anyone help me solve any of these unanswered mysteries?

Why have most of my dental assistants over the years been either smokers (Yich!), have/had no personality, are incapable of positive communication, and enjoy using my mouth as a storage receptacle for medieval instruments?

Why have I been endowed with all of the following, which have done nothing positive for me:

  • extra-large tonsils
  • extra wisdom teeth, which depending upon your perspective is either quite ironic, or most fitting
  • as I’ve found out today, have extra large roots (geneaology?), which made the main part of my root canal procedure even more taxing.


(Of course, these may not be my only supersized endowments.)

Also, why do I always feel more numb for the six hours after my dental appointments than I do while being drilled, scraped and otherwise abused?




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