EGGXONERATE – The Wednesday Wordapod

So, what would YOU call the act of pardoning someone who screwed up your breakfast? Learn this new “word” and more in this week’s (The) Wednesday Wordapod.


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Eggxonerate (v) – to excuse the person who made you a disgusting breakfast


Sample Scenario:  As a youngster, I remember looking forward to my first breakfast at Greg’s Greasy Spoon—scrambled eggs, pancakes and toast. I arrived with my parents and brothers, and ended up getting sick. The eggs were runny, the pancakes were burnt and the toast tasted moldy. When I recovered a couple days later, I vowed to never go back there. My Mom pleaded with me to eggxonerate Greg’s, and we ended up going back a month later, and many more times over the years.


You Know What…?

The state of New Jersey used to have (maybe it’s still on the books) a so-called runny egg law that kept restaurants and diners from serving undercooked (runny) eggs. The result was that many loyal customers ran away from the diners and sopped up their eggs at home. No yoke.


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