Facing Up to Facebook

Until June (or so) of this year, I resisted all forms of social media.




No great surprise there. I love humanity; it’s just people I can sometimes do without. To that end, I can easily be as anti-social as the next guy—however that may be defined or redefined.


To my thinking, Twitter was for twerps and twits, Facebook was for fraudulent fuggers and LinkedIn was for Losers. Or so I thought, until I eventually became a twitterific twerp of a fraudulent fugger and loser.



It’s that addictive, and just imagine if I had even more thousands of tweets, news feeds and updates each morning to sift through.


No, I’m still not racking up enviable numbers of followers, friends and connections, but I have reaped some of the intangible rewards of the beginning of an online presence.  I’ve reconnected with some old (I wish I could substitute a friendlier word) friends from high school and college, networked with some folks that feel like the right people to network with and have chirped out some mindless and mindful 140-character nuggets.


While I never thought I’d fit into this world—indeed, I called my most recent book, All That Twitters is Not Goldberg for a reason—it’s becoming second-nature to me. At least, these three mediums are, which means they’re probably about to become obsolete.


Second-nature or not, I still find Facebook-speak (FBS) and the whole flow of dialogue, to be curious. I live for parody (well, not exclusively) and tried to imagine an actual party of people talking with one another in FBS.


This was the premise of my latest Tip of the Goldberg piece for The Infinite Writer e-zine.









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