The projected dramatic drop in temperature from today to tomorrow reminded me of my wordapod, Fairinheight. This may not mean what you think, and you’ll also learn a little Presidential trivia, including my mythical All-Presidential basketball team.



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Fairinheight (adj) – euphemism for short in stature


Fairinheight (n) – euphemism for a person who is short in stature


Sample Sentence:  Ally thought that her neighbor, Chazz, would’ve been hot if he weren’t so fairinheight.



So, Who Knew…?


There is a strong belief that taller people (especially taller men) have an advantage over their shorter counterparts in most competitive pursuits, including:  sports, scoring chicks, job promotions and presidential campaigns. While there may be some truth to this old canard, I studied our past Presidential elections to see how often the “fairinheight” candidate defeated his taller opponent.


My review produced some interesting results:

  • In competitive elections, where the height of both or all candidates were known (and there wasn’t a tie), the taller man won 24, and lost 19. The fairinheights did better than I would have expected.
  • One recent President who defeated taller men was George Bush II (listed at 6' even, he defeated the 6'4" John Kerry and the 6'1" Al Gore.)  Perhaps, his lower IQ was a compensating factor.
  • One giant killer was James Madison (the shortest Prez, at 5'4") who yielded 11 inches to De Witt Clinton, and still chopped him down to size. Another similarly impressive performance was 5'10" Franklin Pierce’s 1852 defeat of the 6'5"  Winfield “Old Fuss and Feathers” Scott.
  • A successful giant was Abe Lincoln (6'4"), who used his height advantage to crush his opponents, including George McClellan (5'8") and Stephen Douglas, a (Madisonian 5'4").



My All-Presidential Basketball Team:


Point Guard –  James “Half-Pint” Madison

Shooting Guard – Barack Obama, 6'4", long arms, and still a decent shooter (some would say he moves well, if not exclusively, to his left)

Small Forward – Thomas (TJ) Jefferson – 6'2"-plus, and brilliant

Power Forward – LBJ – 6'4"-plus, with a nasty attitude

Center – Abraham (A-Train) Lincoln – who else?



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