HAIKUGAR – Wednesday’s Wordapod

So, what would you call a woman who is heavily into younger men who recite 17-syllable poetry?

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Haikugar (n) – a woman who is aggressively into younger men that recite haiku




The term cougar is a fairly recent one coined to describe a woman who preys on younger men. This fact has me wondering:

  1. Why a cougar, and not a mountain lion, catamount or puma?
  2. Is this term pejorative for women? If not, then what is the male counterpart called?

Who Knew…?

Lisa Primstuffel started a club in her native Honolulu called Hawaiian Haikugars on the Prowl. As she explains, “I see nothing derisive about the term. We are a group of refined ladies who know what we want—20-something boys, or the right 30-something men, to read us 17-syllable romantic poetry while we wine and dine them. Is there something wrong with that?” 


What can be better

Haikugars on the rampage

Oh no, I’m married


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