HIT-AND-SHUN – The Wednesday Wordapod

So, what would YOU call a scandalous accident involving two or more Amish buggies?  Learn this, and more…along with an interview with Amish historian Obadiah Stoltzfus in this week’s Wednesday Wordapod.


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Hit-and-shun (adj) – a type of traffic accident between Amish buggies, which causes both of the (often inebriated) parties to be shunned from the community



Obadiah Stoltzfus is the unofficial town historian for the small, vibrant Amish community of Ephrata, PA. I spoke to him about an infamous hit-and-shun incident from 1983 that is still reverberating around his community.


Matt:  Am I correct, Mr. Stoltzfus, that there was a particularly memorable buggy accident between two teenagers in the summer of ’83?

Obadiah:  That’s the truth. I am sure that you are referring to that little dustup between Jeremiah Herr and Jakob Goodfellow.

Matt:  Yes, that’s the one. Can you tell us about it? 

Obadiah:  Well, Jakob and Jeremiah were good, earnest young men. They were also a little too high-spirited for most of the elders’ tastes. And, they often liked to drink some of that oldpotato moonshine. One hot August day, they were leaving church, and started down the dirt road toward Intercourse   That’s a real town, you know. Have you been there?

Matt:  Not often, but I’ve heard it’s beautiful. So, they were going down—

Obadiah:  Yes. Well, I think they were both trying to impress young Hannah Groutmeyer—

Matt:  Were they getting “buggy” with it?

Obadiah:  Not sure what you’re driving at there. So, they got their buggies cranked up, the horses got frightened, and before you knew it, the two boys suffered lacerations.

Matt:  That’s terrible. What happened to the boys?

Obadiah:  The elders got wind of it, and we never saw hide nor hair of Jakob and Jeremiah again.

Matt: And, what about the horses and the buggies?

Obadiah:   Well, the buggies were brought into Samuel’s, and he fixed them up real good, but the poor horses were never able to attend church again.


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