I Had a Daydream

I had a dream—or maybe it was just a daydream. It’s hard to decipher what constitutes sleep these days.


I had a dream that every single moment of my life was a separate file delivered to my inbox. I had unlimited storage, my computer was working at warp speed (and miraculously, with none of those pesky, ubiquitous virus warning pop-ups) and I had the ability to read through them like Evelyn Wood on steroids.




A passing thought: If Martin Luther King were an insomniac like me, would he have famously said, “I had a daydream.” (?)




So, now what? Which files would I save, and which would I discard? Further to the point and task, what would be my criteria for saving and discarding? Once I made that choice, what folders would I make for those saved messages? Would I have a purgatory file for those I did not really want to keep, but knew that I had to hang onto for reasons apparent and otherwise?



Ignoring the ordering of the purgatory file, how in logic’s name would I arrange these files? Chronologically (?), with no attempt to be thematic or to group them with some kind of editorializing—i.e., great triumphs (and how large a file would that be?), mixed feelings, epic fails. The latter is not an expression I use freely or honestly, but it might make for a good file, if not for a useful life.



Evil and live; file and life—how fun it is to see such momentous things through the prism of anagrammatic play. How fun, or hao fun—a Chinese dish best served hot, with beef.



But, back to this awesome task. Unlike so many silly, repetitive ones that I undertake, it offered such great promise that I decided to let it reside here as a blog. Now, how do I tag this, and when will I update it, or at least the idea that fathered it?



Television, sports updates and the promise of sleep on my couch all await. Can’t wait to see those files later…but when?


And what daydreams might intervene?



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