JAPANZEE – The Wednesday Wordapod

So, what would YOU call a species of great ape that is only found in Japan?

Okay, this one was suggested to me by my almost 6-year-old son, Benny, who was feeling “wordish” last night.

Wordapodia, Vol. 1

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Japanzee (n) – a species of great ape found only in the island nation of Eastern Asia.

Please Note: There is no truth to the rumor that the Japanzee is more technologically advanced than other species of great apes, although some have been spotted eating sushi and excelling at Origami.

So, How About…

My son’s little brainstorm produced my quick search for new Wordapods this morning:


JAPANacea (n) – the feeling that all diseases can be cured in Japan

JAPANdemonium (n) – a huge riot that breaks out in or around Tokyo (not to be confused with “Panda-moanium”)

JAPANic (v) ­­– to be overcome with an extreme fear of sushi

JAPANtomime (n) or (v) – a form of entertainment, popular in some parts of Asia, characterized by wild gestures and no speaking.

And for those in the South Jersey…

JAPANzarotti (n) —  a deep-fried pocket of dough filled with cheese, tomato sauce and often, a combination of raw fish, pickled vegetables and red bean paste.



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