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So, what would YOU call a (mythical) repressive form of government that forces every citizen to drink milk?

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Lactatorship (n)a repressive form of government in which the ruling class forces everyone to drink milk



I have often wondered if a lactatorship could happen today, with all of the lactose intolerant people around. I usually hypothesize that it easily could take place, as alas, it would be a lactatorship, and not a democracy. After speaking to my friend, the historian of the unusual Lars Rottwalico, I may reconsider. As Lars reminded me:  “You may recall that one of the Punjabi states in India experimented with a lactatorship in the early 20th century.”  (I never heard of it—must be slipping.)

“Militant milk and yogurt magnate Raja Gupta Mirza seized power, and demanded that all of his subjects drink at least two gallons of milk each day. At his coronation ceremony, millions of lactose intolerant protesters chugged tall glasses of milk in unison. Fifteen or so minutes later, hundreds of thousands of these protesters were soon gurgling, belching and heaving, making a mockery of Mr. Mirza’s speech. Mirza abandoned the policy within a week, and the great Punjabi Lactatorship was soon abolished as well.”


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