LIEBATION – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod relates to a strange kind of trickery. Bottom’s up, or is it?


Liebation (n)a non-alcoholic drink that is gulped from a hip flask or liquor bottle to give the appearance of being an alcoholic beverage

Sample Sentence:  Not knowing that Mary was enjoying liebations from her wine bottle, Harry was constantly amazed that he was the only one of the two that was plastered.


Liebations are often, but not exclusively, used by teenagers who want to be seen as drinking alcohol. Edward Wytelme, the longtime Guidance Counselor of South Pines (NJ) High School, provided us with the following information:

“Even before high school, we see lots of students hanging out and enjoying their liebations. Some guys, too. The problem is that they attract the attention of the local police, who are often disappointed when the would-be drunks pass the breathalyzer exam, and walk straight. A secondary problem is that the power of suggestion and self-deception is strong, and many of these kids do act tipsy while liebating.”

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