LOLLAPASNOOZER – Wednesday’s Wordapod

Have you ever had, or dreamed about, a power nap on steroids? Well, now, there’s a word for it: Lollapasnoozer, which also describes the person taking advantage of one of these.




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Lollapasnoozer (n) – the opposite of a catnap, a lollapasnoozer is a rest on steroids. It starts out innocently enough as a 20-minute respite, but somehow morphs into an affair that may run anywhere between two hours and five days


Please Note:  Lollapasnoozer may also refer to a person or animal renowned for taking frequent naps of various durations. A lollapasnoozer does so voluntarily; this has nothing to do with narcolepsy, or barkolepsy (to be found in Wordapodia, Volume One) in the case of a dog.


Sample Scenario:  I attended my very first Lollapasnoozers International Convention, and was appalled by the accommodations for the conference. For one, the agenda was so tight that they barely built in enough time for bathroom breaks, let alone nap time.


So, Who Knew…?

80% of those surveyed for this edition say that they take at least one nap per day. The fifth person was still asleep when I attempted to poll her.



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