Love and Baseball

Is it a coincidence that the start of Major League Baseball’s Spring Training more or less coincides with Valentine’s Day? As a baseball lover, I would say no.


And if it were just a coincidence, why are so many terms applicable to both the worlds of baseball and romance? Going the distance. Rounding third and trying to score. Covering all the bases. Calling for the bullpen…maybe not


So, what is in the air today? I’m not sure but my stomach has been jumping for the past 12-plus hours. Romantic thoughts? Pitchers and catchers? In truth, I think it’s a bad stomach virus…but I’ll soon get over that, if not my love for baseball. (And my wife, of course.)


Two years ago, when my stomach had a butterfly or two—though not nearly enough to put me repeatedly on the porcelain train (too much info?)—I researched, and wrote, my All-Time All-Valentine’s Day baseball team. I’m not sure that the squad would change too much today, although in retrospect I may have been too kind to an abrasive former manager-turned-manager-turned-ex-manager-again named Bobby Valentine. However, he didn’t even make the team and that was before he had that one tumultuous and disastrous season piloting the Red Sox. Good call.


What remains is a quirky list of great players (well, a couple) and guys with great names (mostly) that are fit for this holiday. So, while I’m not advocating turning the baseball diamond into a heart-shaped tract of green and dirt, I hope that this list will appeal to your sentimental baseball side.


So grab some candy, some sweet music and your favorite fan…and  play ball.


Please follow this link to this somewhat timeless column I wrote for Bleacher Report two seasons ago. You may leave thoughtful comments right here or on that piece…but please, no spam. Keep it kosher and uncanned.

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