MACAPHONEY – Wednesday’s Wordapod

So, what would you call a bogus dish of pasta?




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Macaphoney (n) – a plastic representation of macaroni used to show what such a dish would look like

Secondary Meaning – a pejorative term used by pasta snobs to describe a bad plate of spaghetti




 “Yo, you order pasta from a diner, you get that macaphoney crap. It’s like ordering shrimp from Las Vegas. Capishe?”

Ah, nothing like the wisdom set forth by my old Uncle Ned. (And, for a Jew, he really knew his macaroni—to say nothing of his shellfish.)

Just as many of my Chinese friends won’t eat Chinese food from a strip mall or a food court, the same must be said about macaphoney by people who really know the good stuff. As for me, I’ll tell you the truth. I love authentic Italian food, kosher food, Chinese food, etc, but I’m really not that picky, if the portions and prices are right.



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