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Wednesday’s Wordapod, created after the release of  Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words, will appeal to all scientists—as well as all those who get lost easily.




Meanderthal (n) – an extinct species of humans noted for their big brains, slightly smaller stature, great strength and terrible sense of direction



So, Who Knew…?


Scientists, ranging from paleontologists to anthro-apologists (okay, that’s a freshly coined wordapod) are still debating whether to classify the Meanderthal as a sub-species of Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens meanderthalensis) or whether they should just be considered to be a separate species, (Homomeanderthalenis).


Me? I’m debating whether to have pancakes or pizza for lunch.


The discovery of the first Meanderthal is credited to Dr. Meander Rosenbaum, who, on a lovely summer morning in 1923, was looking for a shortcut to a synagogue in Stockholm, Sweden. He happened to trip over skeletal and other remains that included a very large skull, beefy arms and hands, a badly scribbled map and a note that has been translated to mean, “Nu, so you don’t think it’s cold enough to wear a little more fur?” Oh yeah, the fossils were discovered in the town of Overshot, Pennsylvania.


Seeing evidence of a skullcap, Meander Rosenbaum posited the theory that 83% of all Meanderthals were Jewish. He was a finalist for the Nobel Prize in anthropology, but did not get the prize as committee organizers didn’t trust him to get to the awards banquet on time.



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