MENORAHTY – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod asks:  So, what would YOU call the small percentage of the US (let alone the world) population that Jews comprise?

Happy Chanukah to all!


Menorahty (n)the smaller part of the larger group, as describes Jews during the Christmas season

Sample Sentence:  As I spun my little dreidel and lit my miniature Hannukiah, I looked over at the immense Christmas tree and felt every bit like a small part of a small menorahty.

Who Knew…?

Per, (2012 data), American Jews are a distinct menorahty—and not only around the December holidays. Jews comprise only 2.2% of the U.S. population; which ranges than 0.1% or less in several states (including West Virginia, South Dakota, Montana and Idaho) to 9% in New York State.

At least in Idaho, those 1,500 Jews who live there can find lots of potatoes to make their latkes.

While this website doesn’t say so, it is also believed that even in Idaho, 83% of all stand-up comedians, doctors and lawyers are Jewish. Not sure exactly how that works, though.

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