I much prefer to write about the lighter side of sports and life in general, but at my core, I’m a serious guy (albeit one with a hyperactive, world class sense of humor) who sometimes takes sports, reputations and how we treat one another quite seriously.



I love strong, fair competition, enjoy engaging in and watching tough, physical play on the fields, courts and rinks, yet absolutely detest—among other things—violence and inhumanity.



Many of these themes collided in a most unpleasant, and near-tragic way last Monday, a couple hours after, and a couple hours away, from the Winter Classic Hockey Game that was played in South Philly.


It took me a few days to stomach and come to grips with the video of the assaults that occurred one week ago outside of Geno’s Steaks. I decided to write a serious piece for that was published this morning.



The link is here; All of the words, if not the accompanying pictures and videos, are mine.



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