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Spring is here and my allergies are somewhat under control at the moment—even if my baseball fever is starting to rage.



After a mostly lethargic winter, I am back sharing the softball brownswards with mostly over-the-hill and mostly-Jewish weekend athletes who comprise the Jewish Athletic Group’s softball league. And yes, I take full credit for referring to us as the Oxymoron League.


Last Sunday, my team split its first doubleheader of the year and my cranky rotator cuff and lower back are doing reasonably well. These and other aging body parts have this Sunday off before springing back into action on the 15th. Perhaps, I’ll even complete my taxes prior to then. Wanna bet?


But, the big story is the start of the Major League Baseball season, which brings my Philadelphia Phillies to Pittsburgh to (hopefully) feast on the Pirates tomorrow afternoon. It’s been a long six months since our heroes shockingly exited the first round of the playoffs in defeat to the St. Louis Cardinals. And yes, it took awhile to get my heart and soul back into following the team during Spring Training.


Now, my heart and soul is all in, and the timing is almost perfect, although I could do without the dilemma of whether to watch the second game of the season; it’s on opposite the first Seder. What to do, and haven’t we been here before?


As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see if my unbalanced ratio of couch potato to moving potato changes. My hope is that my three-and-a-half year-old son, Benny, will start to become a Phillies fan this year and also enjoy playing whatever variations of baseball/wiffleball/kickball we come up with. I can’t wait; can he?


One good sign toward that end: My wife, Ruby—who doesn’t get, let alone begin to share, my sports addiction—is shopping for a Phillies hat for him. Maybe, she’ll even pick one up for herself. Nah…


As far as writing about baseball, I will continue to explore stories right here, as well as on jewocity.com, where I have created a weekly Jewish sports report called Bagels and Jocks. And yes, Virginia, this is a golden era for Jewish ballplayers, JAG league notwithstanding. I will also contribute the occasional piece to Bleacher Report and Philly2Philly.com as well…and who knows where else?


If you are in the throes of baseball fever, here are a couple baseball-related pieces I jammed on this week. Another, longer, fun, somewhat optimistic Phillies analysis piece is coming to philly2philly.com tomorrow.


April 2 Bagels and Jocks

Philly2Philly.com’s writers’ predictions


As always, this is just the tip of the Goldberg; much more to come!


Thank you all for reading and sharing, Happy Holidays, and Play Ball! Please check out my books, blogs and speaking information and don’t forget to like my Fan Page.





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