Pastriotic – Wednesday’s Wordapod

So, what would YOU call overeating due to misplaced civic pride?

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Pastriotic (adj) motivated to eat dessert (supposedly) out of a sense of civic duty


Please Note: Simply eating a cherry pie on George Washington’s birthday is not proof positive of patriotism.


Who Knew?!

One of the most civic-minded trenchermen I know is Gorging George Jefferson, who once told me, “Many Americans miss the eating opportunities afforded by some of the minor holidays. In the true spirit of the red, white and blue, my typical dessert plan for various holidays is below.”  For those with a great love of country, and a sweet tooth to match, check out Gorging George’s suggestions:


  • New Year’s Day – “Liven it up with some ice cream, cookies and cake drowned in champagne.”
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – “Some fine chocolates, or a chocolate éclair. I sometimes have a dream about this day.”
  • Washington’s Birthday – “I won’t tell a lie; lots and lots of cherry pie.”
  • Groundhog Day – “Not sure, but whatever it is, do it over and over and over…”
  • Valentine’s Day – “Warm your heart, your sweetie’s, and your country’s by eating heart-shaped chocolates.”
  • Memorial Day – “Whatever it is, make it memorable.”
  • July 4th – “Something red like cherry pie, some white chocolate pretzels, and add some blueberry muffins and pie as well.”
  • Labor Day – “A hard-working treat like a box of chocolate chip cookies.”
  • Columbus Day – “Celebrate with something round, such as a pound cake, or something Spanish for that matter.”
  • Halloween – “One is never too old to trick-or-treat, or help your kids eat their candy.”
  • Veterans Day – “Many military bases sell great pastries on this day.”
  • Thanksgiving Day – “Pumpkin pie a la mode.”
  • Christmas – “Whatever your religion, pig out on some red and green cookies. What else?”


  • Weekends – “A time for family, and for thinking about our great nation. I believe the best way to honor our freedom is to celebrate each weekend day as if it’s New Year’s Day!”



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