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As July 4th approaches, I must ask you: Are you doing your PASTRIOTIC duty? Wednesday’s Wordapod is one of many such enjoyable new words to be found in my Wordapodia, Volume One: An Encyclopedia of Real Fake Words. 




Pastriotic (adj) motivated to eat dessert (supposedly) out of a sense of civic duty


Please Note: Simply eating a cherry pie on George Washington’s birthday is not proof positive of patriotism.


So…Who Knew?!


One of the most civic-minded trenchermen I know is Gorging George Jefferson, who once told me, “Many Americans miss the eating opportunities afforded by some of the minor holidays. In the spirit of the red, white and blue, my typical dessert plan for various holidays is below.”

For those with a great love of country and a sweet tooth ti match, check out Gorging George’s suggestions.


Gorging George has “civic pigging out” suggestions for 13 different American holidays (however major or minor). This suggestion has the most immedicacy:


JULY FOURTH ­– Something red like cherry pie, something like white like chocolate pretzels and add some blueberry muffins and pie as well.”


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