PENDELUMMOX – Wednesday’s Wordapod

There are swingers and then there are those who swing for no reason whatsoever. Today’s Wordapod is Pendelummox.



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Pendelummox (n) – a rather stupid person who swings back and forth for no apparent reason


Please Note:  A pendulummox could also be one whose opinions on various topics swing back and forth for no apparent reason.


You Know What…?


Once again, we turn to Dr. Marta Hari for her clinical expertise:


“Most people only think of the pendulummoxes who swing back and forth in a physical manner, and some only picture the verbal type, but there are some hybrids. In fact, I had a fascinating hybrid couple named Garry and Mildred Dimwittie, who visited me every Tuesday for 23 years. Millie was fond of shouting, No more abortions, then after 20 seconds of silence, would shout, Abort all unwanted children. All the while, Garry would be climbing the walls like a giant spider and swinging his legs like a lever.”


When I asked Dr. Hari if she was able to cure them, she replied, “No. I came to depend upon the Dimwitties for my Tuesday entertainment. Charming people really, and they never missed a co-pay in 23 years.”


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