PHENONYMOUS – The Wednesday Wordapod

Today’s (The Wednesday) Wordapod is phenomenal. And anonymous. Well, not really. But if it were, it would be PHENONYMOUS.


Phenonymous (adj) describing something sensational/amazing that can’t be attributed directly to someone.


Who Knew…?

According to my friend (semantician and master of the absurd and arcane) Edwin Eggnut, the brand new wordapod “Phenonymous” is fun to say, but it runs the risk of being both overused and misused. I’m sharing a fascinating conversation I just concluded with him.

Eggnut: Certainly, not everything that is anonymous is phenonymous. Far from it. In the last 123 years, nearly 1,823,000 poems, short stories and novels have been published by Anonymous, but fewer than 112,457 would be what I would consider to be phenonymous. Charitable organizations in the United States alone received over 1 million anonymous donations last year, with only about 22,000 of them considered phenonymous. I can give you more examples if you’d like, Matt.

Matt: Nah, that’s okay, Edwin.

Eggnut: No problem. Did you know that hundreds of thousands of people are said to belong to Alcoholics Anonymous, but zero belong to Alcoholics Phenonymous?

Yes, Eddie, I actually did know that. Talk to you soon, man.

Eggnut: Nearly 17,845 species of migratory birds…


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