So So Wisdom



So So Gai (pronounced so-so guy) was a 19th century Chinese gourmand, womanizer, games hustler and all-around mediocre guy who died unmarried, unpublished and nearly penniless. Repudiated in his own time and in his own land, he left behind numerous teachings that have been lovingly resurrected by the author—in an effort to spread So So’s wisdom and make the kind of money that So So could not.


Via his simple, inelegant poetry, So So Gai teaches us many things, including the best ways to consume food, how to control the growth of children, playing to win (and hustle) and how to achieve romance on one’s own so-so terms



Here are three of So So Gai's infamous, pithy sayings:


Abstain from sex and fatty food / For dreary life and lousy mood

A wiolin in child's finger / Like cat's castration, pain still lingers

Don't cry when fragile friendship ending / Less cards to buy, less yen to spending.



Brilliant and incisive? Doubtful. Hilarious? Absolutely.



Years ago, Matt accepted So So Gai as a self-described altered ego, and as such, the humor is both highly irreverent and self-deprecating.


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